Driver Focused; a phrase commonly used to describe the cars that all enthusiasts love. Super cars, sports cars, super saloons, hot hatches, both modern and classic, it doesn't matter what you drive. If there's petrol in your veins and gears in your head, this clothing is for you.

This is for the drivers!

Cars as we know them are changing, internal combustion engines are a dying breed. Hybrid and full electric cars, we're being led to believe, are the future of the automotive world. I still have hope that Biofuel technology will help to preserve what we love, however we, the petrolheads, need to do our part for the environment. That is why I started Driver Focused Apparel.

Inspired by automotive culture and design, at Driver Focused, we don't believe in trends or seasons, just high quality, sustainable apparel, that will last the journey and make you look great and feel good doing it. We are striving to celebrate all things fossil fueled as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. To do this we only use products that are made using 100% organic, fair trade cotton. Some garments contain a small percentage of polyester, which is made using recycled plastic recovered from the world's oceans. Even our mailers are made of 100% compostable materials. We can always improve the way we do things but we think this is a good start!

We hope you enjoy our apparel and think it's as cool as we do.

May you wear it well.
Founder Driver Focused Apparel