At Driver Focused Apparel our goal has always been to create high quality automotive inspired clothing in the most responsible and ethical way possible. From start to finish, it is important to us to be able to represent our passion for all things automotive, while keeping every aspect of our products 100% sustainable.

Driver Focused Apparel proudly uses STANLEY/STELLA, who source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment. Each step of their supply chain is certified by numerous independent bodies and standards, including the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Global Recycle Standard, PETA, OEKO-TEX and the Organic Content Standard. STANLEY/STELLA also work closely with the Fair Wear Foundation and have been attributed 'Leader' status by the FWF.

Stanley/Stella t-shirt tags with GOTS and Fair Wear logos

Our Dublin based screen printer, The T-Shirt Company, uses chemical free water based inks and cleansing materials where possible so as to have the lowest impact on the environment while printing all those cool designs!


Eco Alliance Packaging badge 

Early on we realised that it would be completely counterproductive to have products that are made as responsibly as possible, to then be completely undone when sent in unnecessary, single use plastic packaging. That is why all orders are sent in 100% compostable mailers, made from a number of renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers. This way we can affirm that our products are fully sustainable when they reach your doorstep.

100% compostable mailer that all orders are sent in.

We don't think we're going to change the world. Hopefully by choosing to wear Driver Focused Apparel you can go some way to helping the environment and extending the life of the machines we love so much.